Arco church

This video was made in the big kath. church in Arco, Italy. I had some time to spend in the town and I took my camera and went into the church, just to check out the video on a DSLR. And that was the result. The entire video was shoot handheld and with the Canon EOS 7D with the Canon 50mm f/1.8.

The Camera

This video shows how a picture is made, the steps from taking it out of the camera bag to taking the final image.


One time, on a nice and sunny day I saw the silhouette of these people on the mountain. So I took my camcorder, because I hadn't a DSLR that could shoot video, and my tripod and made a timelapse over 3 hours and more than 20 GB. But the video quality was really bad, so now I made a 2nd version with a DSLR.

one day

My little brother (link above) made this little timelapse video with his iPod. He filmed the entire day for this video and allowed me to publish it on my website.


music: Beethoven's 5th, by Ben Morton